Nitrate in protein powders?!

Unfortunately, recently some protein powders have appeared on the market, which were boosted with nitrates in order to have a higher protein content. Nitrate is very cheap and has a very high nitrogen content, thus adding nitrate to a protein is the most effective way to fake its protein content.Nitrate is easily accessible, since sodium nitrate is used as a fertilizer. Yes, a fertilizer!Nitrate in itself is not very dangerous, but when it degrades, highly toxic nitroso chemicals are created, which may cause hematological problems, acute poisoning, cancer and neurological disorders as well.
Nitrate can be found in vegetables, but only in negligible quantities. If a protein powder contains a significant amount of nitrate, that is not by chance – it was added deliberately.

The nitrate content of your favorite protein powder can be tested cheaply in any food or feed laboratories. Be sure, protect your health and fight against unfair manufacturers! Watch and test your protein.