The effectiveness of certain proteins

The PER value of useful and effective protein powders are above 2.5, which means that by taking 1 kg of such a protein, the subject gains 2.5 kgs of body mass (not dry muscles).

Some proteins and their PER value:

  • Beef 2.7
  • Casein 2.5
  • Egg 3.1
  • Milk 2.5
  • Chicken 2.7
  • Collagen 0!!

Yes, the PER value of collagen is exactly 0! This is because most animals (and humans) are not able to digest collagen. Now you can really see how unfair it is to secretly smuggle collagen into products meant for athletes. If a manufacturer secretly replaces whey protein with collagen, he does not just take your money, but also deprives you of the possibility of development.

Remember, the presence of collagen can be detected with simple lab tests! If you value your work and progress, if you do not want to risk your success, then test the collagen content of your favorite protein powder. Only costs a couple of euros, but your entire future may depend on it!